CB411 Roller Box 5 in 1

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377 pcs ( 305 CLICS + 72 Accessories)+ stickers 

Great rollerbox! Use the wheels from your rollerbox and use them for the F1 race car or 14 other cool creations!

You’ll be on a roll with this Rollerbox 15 in 1 from Clics. Not only this Rollerbox, but also your own creations will be rolling across your room from now on. This beautiful box will allow you to build any racecar you want. Think about what you can build with 305 Clics, 72 accessories and the necessary stickers! You’ll make your own toy car and tons of other fun toys. The free building plans will also show you how to build a boat or a forklift and even an elephant, a house and a robot. You will build all that completely on your own and you’ll have created your own toy universe in no time. 3-2-1 go!